• Always use DISTILLED WATER for rinsing, washing and sterilization.
  • Thoroughly wash all instruments to remove all debris.
    HINT: Have a bowl of distilled water nearby until cleaning is possible
  • (a) Ultrasonic machines are the most effective means of cleaning instruments
    (follow mfgs. instructions) but if you prefer


    (b) Manual cleaning:

    • soak instruments in a clean solution (neutral pH).
    • temperature of solution should be higher than room temperature.
    • remove all debris using only soft plastic brush, water spray, or lint-free cloth.
  • Thoroughly DRY all instruments on a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Always LUBRICATE all hinged instruments.
    HINT: Use pin point droppers and bio-degradable materials.
  • When sterilizing avoid metal-to-metal contact and open all hinged instruments.
  • Let instruments cool down before removing them.

This information should help you extend the life of your instruments I investments.